Automated Price Monitoring Solutions

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Pricing Reports
Energy Price Monitor
All-in Price Monitor
Current Day & Historical Price Calculations
Daily Price Refreshes & Historical Trending
Automated Triggers & Email Alerts
Start Months & Term Lengths Cal Strips & Prompt Month Custom Custom
Load/Usage Profile Round-The-Clock Custom Custom
Components Priced Energy Energy Supply, Utility Charges, & Taxes
Turnkey Collateral
(Immediately usable/shareable information)

(Branded w/your logo)
Unlimited Redistribution Rights
Pricing Highlights Sweet-Spot Pricing
Up to 75 Utility Zones/Hubs
Sweet-Spot Pricing
Up to 75 Utility Zones/Hubs
Price Breakdowns
Up to 11 Utility Zones/Hubs
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Subscription Rates
(Bundled & Annual Discounts Available)
Starting at $199.95/mo
(Up to 5 hubs)
$199.95/mo/hub $299.95/mo/utility-hub
Best Suited for ... Those needing daily updates of forward Energy pricing, specific to utilities/hubs, in an easy to read & shareable 1-pg pdf for each. Those needing automated daily refreshes to Energy pricing for a specific load, start month, & term within a selected utility/hub, and automated monitoring to alert the user of changes in pricing that may require user attention. Those needing everything that the Energy Price Monitor offers, but applied to all pricing components (Supply, Utility Chrgs, & Taxes), with breakdowns for each. This is the perfect solution for budget forecasting, since it reveals the total cost of power for the specified load.