What Is Energy PriceBook?

  • From a single price request and without requiring meter data, Energy PriceBook immediately calculates current day & historical retail price estimates, customized for any size business & broken out by supply, distribution/delivery & taxes.
  • We receive absolutely no price feeds from suppliers (neither matrix nor custom pricing), but rather EPB utilizes its own patent-pending, pricing engine that is completely independent of retail suppliers, brokers, and utilities.
  • Our users have found the site easy to use, and helpful for buyers, suppliers, or any organization needing energy pricing.
  • Energy PriceBook reinforces energy choice legislation by providing market efficiencies, transparency and collaboration, which is exactly what oversight government bodies want to see when deciding to keep a market open or close it down.
  • We are continually adding new utilities in both regulated and deregulated states. Stay tuned for updates on our growing footprint.

“EPB is the Kelley Blue Book of Retail Energy”

- Energy PriceBook Users