Energy PriceBook – The Company

Energy PriceBook is the culmination of Thomas Kowenhoven and Mark Nuzzo serving the C&I retail energy market for over 20 years.  When deregulation was new and evolving (2000 – 2008), we were fortunate to lead a team that successfully founded, grew, and sold a broker business that transacted 100’s of millions of dollars in electricity and natural gas across Fortune 100 companies and government buying consortiums. 

After selling this brokerage firm, we were retained as consultants from 2009 to 2020 by large organizations with national facility/energy footprints (e.g., data centers and manufacturers).  Specifically, we provided their facility and finance teams with customized energy management software, data management services, energy price forecasts, and legal/contract support. 

With Energy PriceBook, we complete the transition from our early days of brokering electricity and natural gas and now operate as a neutral, third party provider of high-value software to all energy market participants – buyers, suppliers, brokers, consultants, associations, and grid/government organizations. Our mission is to always listen and be ever-ready to serve our customers by delivering game-changing solutions and immediately actionable intel that enables not only transparency, but more importantly insightful collaboration within the energy markets.